Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

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Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:24 pm

Most of you will already know which kind of game this is.

Gotta thank these people for making it possible.

Also a buttload of copyrights.

And thus I say welcome to my SRW J run.

"Wait, don't you have an EO3 run and a 7th Dragon run to do?"

Yes, yes I do. Though I'm feeling a little burnt out of those games right now. I figure I could do a third one to have some sort of cycle going on. Or something.


Intro wrote:Mankind has expanded beyond the bounds of Earth, entering an era of space travel and spreading their way of life as far as Mars.

However, humanity is still plagued with problems, struggles, and quandaries they have yet to find an answer to.

There are the genetically modified humans known as the "Coordinators". The ruins of an alien civilization deep within the seabed called "Orphan". And finally, mass emigrations to a terraformed Mars.

Many expected such drastic changes to usher in the dawn of a new age, but with those changes came misunderstanding, dissent, and strife.

The Coordinators, gifted with faculties suited for life in space, constructed research colonies known as "PLANTs".

Nonetheless, those remaining on the surface grew jealous and paranoid of their genetically altered brethren, and the rift between "Natural" and "Coordinator" eventually erupted into racial violence.

In the midst of all this, those calling themselves "Reclaimers" suddenly entered and established permanent residence within Orphan. Their existence is oft-rumored, but rarely ocumented.

Then, in the 69th year of the Cosmic Era... They arrived from Jupiter suddenly and without warning.

A mysterious force of unmanned, robotic weapons invaded Mars, eventually defeating the United Earth Federation Army in a protracted battle.

The Federation was left with no choice but to abandon the Martian colonists and remove its military presence.

The invaders, now termed "Jovian Lizards," then dispatched numerous devices known as "Tulips" across the Earth Sphere, each capable of deploying a seemingly endless supply of unmanned weapons to anywhere in the region.

The world was plunged into a constant state of warfare against these mysterious foes.

With the conflict escalating daily, numerous terrorist groups and shadow organizations opted to seek profit from the chaos, furthering their own illicit causes in the process.

Meanwhile, the PLANTs pushed for independence in the name of self-defense, but faced opposition from the Natural-led Atlantic Federation, whose representatives demand the forceful imposition of sanctions upon the space colonies.

Now, in year 70 of the Cosmic Era... The Jovian Lizards, as enigmatic as ever, continue their conflict... Tensions between the PLANTs and the Federation rise...

...And Nergal Heavy Industries finishes construction on a new model warship, dubbed the "Nadesico". It is here our story begins.

And now we get to choose our protagonists. The protagonists are as follows:

Touya Shiun.

Student at Jindai High School, he's been living a boring life after his uncle passed away, when the Jovian Lizards suddenly attack, right after a mysterious robot crashes down into the school.

Calvina Coulange.

Former military officer, retired due to an incident in her past traumatizing her. Scouted by Prospector of Nergal Heavy Industries to act as combat strategist for the Nadesico crew.

After picking our character, we then "pick" the mech the character will pilot. The choices would be as follows:

Bellzelute: Ranged evasive robot. Strictly real type.

Coustwell: Melee hybrid robot. Hybrid super type.

Granteed: Hybrid super robot. Strictly super type.

However, we're not picking any of these. Instead, the mech we pick will be

The Vorlent. Usually unlocked by having three playthroughs in a single file, I'm using cheats to unlock it cause haha fuck that

After picking the protagonist and robot, we now get to pick three favorite series. Favoriting a series means they get extra bonuses from killing enemy units, and they get more upgrade bars for their mechs. The list of series is as follows:

Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Blue Comet SPT Layzner
Brain Powerd
Martian Successor Nadesico
Space Knight Tekkaman Blade
Full Metal Panic!
Mazinger Z
Combattler V
Voltes V
Hades Project Zeorymer
Banpresto Originals

And now we get to the fun part. Vote for which protagonist you want me to go with, and which three favorite series to pick.

And with that, I personally place my votes on:


Banpresto Originals
Mazinger Z

Now get voting.

Clarifying edit: Vote by post.

Edit 2: Shitpost votes will be disregarded.

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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Archer on Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:42 pm

G Gundam
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Nick Soapdish on Wed Dec 10, 2014 8:27 am

There is no way that this crowd would pick the guy.

Calvin Coolage
lol Gundam Seed
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by The Mysterious Gourmet on Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:53 am

Mazinger Z
G Gundam

Touya's definitely not going to be voted for.
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:13 am

The Mysterious Gourmet wrote:Calvina/Coustwell
Mazinger Z
G Gundam

Touya's definitely not going to be voted for.

The Mysterious Gourmet wrote:Coustwell

grashbar wrote:However, we're not picking any of these. Instead, the mech we pick will be

The Vorlent. Usually unlocked by having three playthroughs in a single file, I'm using cheats to unlock it cause haha fuck that
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Mentle on Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:25 am


Mazinger Z
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Gam on Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:45 am

I have to vote apperantly. HAH.

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Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Leo E. on Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:12 pm


Full Metal Panic
Gundam Seed

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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Aboithagameboi on Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:29 pm

The girl
Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Scept on Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:18 pm

>Implying anyone would vote for the guy
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:25 pm

Votes end in 35 minutes.
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:04 pm

With Calvina being a clear winner out of the protags, let's tally up the votes for the favorites!

Banpresto Originals - 4
Mazinger Z - 6
Zeorymer - 1
G Gundam - 4
Tekkaman Blade - 2
Gundam SEED - 2
Full Metal Panic - 1
Voltes V - 1

There we have it. Just a little longer and the first stage will be here.
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Nick Soapdish on Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:19 pm

Hey but we have 8 votes for Gundam SEED!
Nick Soapdish
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Wed Dec 10, 2014 8:57 pm

: Should, by chance, my efforts be in vain...

: Do you believe you can change him?

: ......

: The Converted lies beyond the reach of your pleas. I spoke with him. Reasoned with him. It is almost certain he will not return...

: Everything's moving into place. We cannot stop what's already begun at this point. That is why I must ask for your permission. If he refuses to come back, milady, should I...

: You mean to ask if I want the Converted killed in that case, correct? Would you follow orders to kill someone so respected?

: I am a Knight. I will carry out my duties, as is expected of me. Many of our brethren have vanished into oblivion, but we must move forward, at the expense of our lives if necessary, for the cause and well-being of our people. That is our mission, as you already understand so well, milady.

: Indeed... I am all too familiar with your code. Within my veins flow the hopes of my parents who granted me this flesh, and the convictions of my brethren.

: ......

: Even if we were to reclaim that which we have lost, we would remain divided. What kind of destiny awaits us, I wonder?

: ...A curious question indeed.

Calvina wrote:I jolt awake from my nightmare. A glance at my surroundings reminds me of my hospitalization.

That same dream again. And with it, the same caustic, horrifying emotions.

It's not a nightmare, though. No. For me, it is reality.

It's been a full month since, but I still dream of that fateful day. It serves as a reminder that I'll never see him again.

I was taking part in live-fire testing for Ash'ari-Kreutzer Corp.'s weapons development division.

A secret domed installation on the Moon housed us. At least, until Jovian Lizards pinpointed our location.

In an instant, the dome was attacked and completely obliterated.

The staff, the trainees, the equipment, the data, the unit... all wiped out. Except for me.

He was a co-worker of mine. Army liaison, he said. He asked me to leave the army. I obliged.

I knew then. We were always going to be together.

That was until I woke up in this cold hospital bed. That was until they told me I was the sole survivor.

Grief-stricken, I try to remember the sound of his laughter. I envision his clear eyes, and lose myself within...

Pre-stage dialogue:

: preparations until it's ready to launch. You will, of course, be duly compensated for your cooperation. Are our terms acceptable?

(Prospector): Sounds good. Any more tempting promises, and I'd almost have to think you had some sort of evil intentions... I accept!

: All right, we're leaving the rest in your hands. Do your best to advance the project and achieve our goals. That is all.

>Door sound, unknown person leaves.

: My, aren't we busy? I suppose I should start gathering talented people for the main crew. There's no way the army's going to let us advance with the project once word breaks, so we can't settle for anything less than the cream of the crop. Yes... Minor character problems excepted, they must be the very best!

: The personell department chose to enlist them all at once. Do you have any questions about the main crew?

: I'm worried about the illegal remodeling of the chief mechanic's room, for one.

: Yes, well. I'm more than sure he'll make up for that with his skills.

: Aren't all the bridge staff novices?

: They may not be a crew that will impress an ex-Admiral of the UEFA, but they're all quite talented. Especially the operator. She's so skilled that she can control even the Nadesico's special systems single-handedly.

: Hmm... So all that remains is the combat personnel? I only see one candidate.

: The Nanbara Connection has agreed to provide some to us in exchange for monetary assistance. We are also negotiating with the Photon Power Labs, and in addition, we've selected 3 Aestivalis pilots from our company's colonies. Their transfer is still in progress. We also have another pilot on her way to negotiate. She's ex-UEFA, and seeks to improve her abilities through combat on Mars. A most talented person!

: Mars, eh...?

: Are you the Prospector?

: Indeed. I'm expecting a favorable reply. That's why I'm here, after all! You'll be leaving the hospital tomorrow, correct? That must be very exciting.

: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but... Even if you employ me, I'm not going to be of any use. That won't change no matter how many times you ask.

: This is most unexpected... Just so you know, I'm not going to take no for an answer. Let me be blunt, Ms. Coulange. Our company wants you to lend your prowess to the Nadesico, a new model warship.

: ......

: Of course, we've already investigated your background. Ex-Federation Space Force, 2nd Lieutenant... A star student at the academy, so much so that people began to call you the "White Lynx." After being sent to Mars' garrison during the first conflicts with the Jovian Lizards, you ran up against some... troubling circumstances. Due to injuries, you were sent back to Earth, before the imminent main battle. Shortly thereafter, you unexpectedly left the military and worked under contract at the Ash'ari-Kreutzer Corporation. One month later, the dome you were assigned to for testing purposes was attacked by Jovian Lizards and annihil-

: Enough! I've seen the media coverage, and I know they're claiming no survivors... How the hell did you know I was there?!

: The Nergal Group's intelligence network is vast, Ms. Coulange. We know you were working on a new weapons project, and that you were striving to ascertain the value of an experimental unit when the dome was attacked. A member of your officer's training class had his eye on your testing results, and through him we were able to find you. That is all we know. We were unable to secure any further details.

: ......

: In addition, all data concerning the incident was erased and the entire project destroyed. Doesn't it almost seem like someone in the Federation didn't want this one to be solved? They've gone so far as to claim the sole survivor wasn't even there... ...I wonder why they would do such a thing?

: I already told you. I'm out. What was the point of that little speech of yours? You better have a real good answer, or they're gonna have to prep the emergency room to put that bespectacled visage of yours back together...

: Ah, well... Forgive my lack of courtesy! You are quite right to be angry. That was just a chat that got... out of control. What we need is your high degree of skill, knowledge and experience in battle. We don't have any other important reasons for hiring you besides that. My sincerest apologies for the misunderstanding.

: Well, that's a shame. I'm in no shape to pilot anything right now. Hell, it looks like I'm gonna be in rehab for months.

: We are aware of your current state, but that won't be a problem with our new Image-Feedback System. Our company-developed Aestivalis can-

: I have no intention of being altered for IFS-use, Mister Prospector.

: Hmm! That is an obstacle, indeed. May I ask you, then, how do you intend to fight the Jovian Lizards?

: Couldn't care less about 'em. And with that... it looks like you're out of options. Time to give up.

: No, no! How about this one? We want you to join our crew as a combat advisor. You could work as an aide to the Captain on mobile weapon use!

: Why are you going so far out of your way for me?

: Because you are an ex-soldier with first-hand combat experience. We need people like you. Including a bonus... How does this salary sound?

: ......

: Something wrong? Oh, don't worry! It will all be tax-exempt, of course.

: Fine. I agree to your terms. Besides, it's not like I have anywhere to go if I decline. I'll settle for anything. When's the departure?

: battle's nearby is kind of an issue, but... What's the problem with being a coward?! Fact of the matter is, if I get scared, I get scared. It's not like I do it because I LIKE it. My body just-)

: ...But Jun, are you really okay with this? You were a Lieutenant in the UEFA! You gave that up just to be by my side?

: N-No! I was worried about you, Yurika, so I...

: Huh?

: That's why, I... well, er...
Spagetti is strong in this one

: I see... All right, Jun! We're gonna be the best of comrades!

: Yeah... Yeah.

: Whoa!

: Oh, sorry! Are you all right?!

: Ahh, well...

: Oh no, my luggage is all over the place!

: Sorry. My fault. Let me help you out.

: Thank you very much! ...Hm? I know this may sound a little strange, but... ...Have we met before?

: Uh, what?

: I just... get the feeling we've already met, somehow.

: Couldn't say.

: Yurika, we're going to be late if we don't hurry!

: Right! Thanks a lot for the help. So, if you'll excuse me... All right Jun, let's go!

: Ah! Wait, Yurikaaa!

>Yurika and Jun leaves

: Hey, you dropped your picture! ...Too late, she's gone. Hmm? What's this photo? ...Wait a sec, that's me! Why am I in there? Oh, I get it now. We really HAVE met before! Yeah... I know you, Yurika Misumaru. Argh, I can't let this go! I have to be sure it's her! Where did she run off to?!

: left the hospital... Especially when you originally contacted me during my hospitalization.

: That's understandable. You'll be officially commissioned soon enough. Ah... Excuse me! What are you doing here? This is a restricted area!

: I'm looking for my friend, Yurika Misumaru. Did she come through here?

>Screen goes black for a quick moment

: Oh, you're already registered. Mr. Akito Tenkawa... You're a survivor of the destroyed Martian Utopia Colony?!

: Unbelievable. How did you get back to Earth?

: ...I don't remember.

: *chuckle* You're a pilot, eh?

: No, I'm a cook! And that's enough about me! Is Yurika here? I'm sure she and her father must know my parents died.

: I see... You've lived through some real hardships. Indeed, she's here. If it's all right with you, can we employ you as a cook? You'll be able to talk to her whenever you wish, that way.

: Huh? Well, er... since I don't have a job yet, I guess I could-

: That settles it, then. From now on, you're the Nadesico's cook. Be sure to give it your all!

: Let's go, Gekiganger! Hyaaahh! Take this! Final blow! GEKIGAN BLAAAAAADE!

: Hey! Who's the dumbass rampaging around in there?! That's an expensive machine, y'know!

: Heh, it's me! I'm Gai! This super robot - Gekiganger's - main pilot... Gai Daigoji! Nice to meet you, Professor!

: (Gekiganger... Boy, that brings back memories.)

: Who the hell's this "Professor"?! And how can you be the main pilot in a one-seat unit?! And it isn't "Gekiganger," it's "Aestivalis"! Stop giving it weird names like that! Oh, and by the way, dweeb, the pilots are supposed to move out tomorrow! You're a little early, don't you think?

: Daaahahahaha! No way! I've been looking forward to this my whole damn life! I'm already one step ahead of you guys! Yeahhhhh! KABLAM! KABLOOIE!

: What's this guy's problem? Hmm? Wait a second! It says the pilot is Jiro Yamada... This doofus isn't even the actual pilot?!

: T-That's just my given name! Gai Daigoji is my SOUL'S name! The real one! Come on, you evil Jupiterians! Gai Daigoji ain't gonna let you have your way with Earth! Awwww yeah! Hahahaha! I'm so awesome, it hurts!

: What're the "Jupiteranians"?

: Who knows? Nobody's ever seen 'em. The Jovian Lizards send automated robotic weapons exclusively, and those don't really count as living, so- ...Wait, who the hell are you?

: Erm, I'm Akito Tenkawa, cook. I got roped into a job on the ship.

: I'm Chief Mechanic Seiya Uribatake. Nice to meetcha, cook. Hope you make some good grub! Anyway... Hey, you! Give it a break already, willya?

: Hahaha, this is gonna be a special treat just for you guys! Gai Daigoji's Ultra Super Giga Final Blow Technique! The people call it... GAI! SUPER UPPERRRR!

: Hey, cut it out, you moron! Whoaaa!


: Thing they're going to be all right, Minato?

: Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but that dumbass got himself a broken leg overturning the Aestivalis. Could we get someone over here to provide medical attention, please?

: A broken leg? Now that you mention it, isn't he the only available pilot right now? What in the world was he thinking?

: ......

: Aarrghhhh! It huuuuurrrrts! ...Hey, kiddo... please... can you bring me my... ...Treasure?!

: Your TREASURE? Don't tell me it's that Gekiganger doll?!

: ...What kind of idiot is he?
Say hello to japan's first waifu. I'm not even joking.

: Hmm, it appears we have the bridge crew fully assembled. Ms. Coulange, this is the Nadesico's bridge. Have you all finished introducing yourselves?

: Not at all.

: Then allow me to introduce you to one more person. This is the commanding officer, Adm. Fukube.

: Yes, ahem... Even if you're only an observer, we're still counting on you.

: (Adm. Fukube? The same one from the climactic battle on Mars...?)

: Former private secretary, now main helmsman: Ms. Minato Haruka.

: Nice to meet you!

: This is our communications operator, Ms. Megumi Reinard. She's a former voice actress.

: Pleased to make your acquaintance!

: This is the ship computer's operator, Ms. Ruri Hoshino.

: Nice to meet you.

: Wow, you're the girl who runs the ship's computer?!

: Seems that way, yes.

: *laughs* You're an amazing girl, aren't you?

: When it comes to Image Feedback-based Electronic devices, she's a genius. Since the Nadesico's main system was heavily designed for IFS use, she's the best one available... And this is our combat advisor, ex-UEFA 2nd Lt. Calvina Coulange.

: Not that I have a rank anymore. Nice to meet you guys. I've heard you're all the best at what you do. I'm sure you'll do fine.

: Huh. You mean we're going to be able to do something after all?

: Yes. All of the bridge crew are experts in their respective fields, and our Captain takes pride in having never lost a simulated battle in the Earth Federation Academy.

: They're the elite, then... I wonder what a captain like that would be doing out here? ...Hell, where IS the captain?

: Hm, that is strange... They should have arrived by now.

: Ah, here it is! Look, Jun! That's the bridge!

: V!

: H-Hold on, Yurika!

: I'm sure to capture their hearts like this!

: Why, if it isn't an energetic young woman!

: ......

: ......

: Guess that's why she isn't working for the UEFA...

: ...More idiots?

: Ah, well, I...I'm, her second-in-command, Jun Aoi. Pleased to meet you, everyone!

: Huh... Well, I know this may be a bit abrupt, but we have to talk about the ship's utilization rules and...

>Klaxons sound out

: Jovian mobile weapons are engaging the UEFA forces directly above us.

: How's the Federation doing?

: It appears their first battalion has been wiped out.


: T-They're attacking us?!

: That means they aren't after military installations exclusively. Make no mistake, their target is the Nadesico. What do you make of this, Captain?

: Mr. Prospector, are all crew members onboard?

: Most of the crew have boarded, yes... Wait. Captain, don't tell me you're going to engage the enemy?!


: She's right. If we sit here, we're going to ge destroyed. What do you intend to do, Captain?

: If we go out through the tunnel above us, they're going to shoot us down... ...We'll have to use the underground gate to exit from the Lunar City. If we can get out through the 3rd gate, we'll surface behind the enemy!

: That's too reckless, Yurika. This port isn't military! The only exit big enough to allow a ship to depart are those docks!

: The 3rd gate's size is adequate. It will not be easy, however. We'll have to maintain an excellent balance ratio while moving... We don't want to damage the area, after all.

: Okay! I figure it'll take us about 10 minutes, but I have no idea how we're going to keep them at bay for that long, so...

: That's my cue! Gai Daigoji'll keep the enemy outta here, no problem! Gahhh! My burning passion...!

: It's burning, all right... You can thank your newly broken leg for that.

: A decoy's already launched. It's an Aestivalis, using the upward elevator to the docks.

: Open a comm channel!

: I'm sick of getting involved in things! I'm a cook! I don't want to die in a horrible place like this!

: (Isn't that the cook from before?)

: You... What's your name and designation?

: Huh?! W-Well, I'm Akito Tenkawa, cook.

: Yurika, he's...

: ...The boy from earlier? Akito... Tenkawa?

: He came from Mars. I contracted him to work here earlier today.

: Why's the cook in my Gekiganger?!

: A person under your circumstances shouldn't be mouthing off so much. Can you handle this, Akito Tenkawa?

: Handle what?

: Akito... Akito... Oh! Hooray! Akito, it's been so long since I last saw you!

: Huh? Me?

: Yes, you! Why'd you pretend not to know me, though? Oh, I know! I bet you're still as shy as ever!

: W-What the heck? What are you doing on the bridge?!

: She's the Nadesico's Captain.

: Huhhhhhh?!

: Yup, that's me! *giggle*

: Hey, Yurika... Who is he?

: He's my Prince! He always comes to my rescue when I'm in trouble!

: Hey, hold on a sec-!

: Akito, you can't be a decoy. It's too dangerous! I understand, though. You've made up your mind. A woman's selfishness is nothing compared to your resolve!

: W-Wait! Did you say "decoy"?!

: ...Wasn't that what you wanted to do?

: Of course not! ...Wait a second... What decoy?!

: Don't worry, Akito. I understand! We on the Nadesico leave our lives in your hands. Be sure to come back in one piece, okay?

: Hey, waaaaait!

: The elevator has reached the lunar surface.

: Hang in there!

: Gimme back my Gekiganger!

: What, what ARE those?! The enemy? Oh my God, it's the enemy! And a lot of them, too?!

: *groan* Akito Tenkawa, can you hear me? This is the ship's combat advisor, Calvina Coulange. The Nadesico's surface ETA is 10 minutes. During that time, try to keep the enemy away from the docks. Oh, and one more thing... ...Good luck.

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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by Nick Soapdish on Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:47 am

I wouldn't call Ruri the first waifu. First loli waifu I'd agree with though.
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Fri Dec 12, 2014 8:29 am

Stage 1:

6 battas spawn in, along with Akito's Aestivalis.

Also keep a count on how many reinforcements the enemy gets. This game LOVES reinforcements.

: Whoa! Whooooa! Dammit, what the hell ARE those things?!

>Akito's Aestivalis moves in towards the middle of their formation

: There's no way in hell I can run for 10 minutes straight! Good luck, my ass... Dammit, this sucks!

And we finally get our objectives. To sum it up:


oh, and don't die, I guess.

SRW J has boring map themes, so don't expect me to post them, with the exception of a single map theme, but that comes WAY later.

Now let's look at Akito's Aestivalis.

Eh, nothing impressive. Low armor, decent mobility, low health.

Three part slots is nice though.

Aestivalises has a special gimmick that's not available on this stage yet. The one thing I can explain is the Distortion Field, which negates all Gravity damage below 2500, negates all beam damage below 1500, and reduces all other kinds of damage by 1000.

Let's have Akito attack a Batta.

This one will do.

Once we have used all our units, we end the phase.

Enemy phase!

The two nearby battas attack Akito.

He succeeds in killing the weakened one.

When attacking an enemy and hitting him, the unit gains a tiny bit of experience. When killing an enemy, the unit gains a lot more experience, and you gain money.

There will be skills manipulating money and experience gains later.

: Heh... Heheh! Somehow, I survived...

I would have defended, but then I noticed that the Batta is using the Laser Cannon. The Laser Cannon is a weaker, beam based attack. Which means...

... nothing, because Akito evaded.

He hits back for a good chunk of damage.

You may notice that the damage dealt is higher now, despite him using Rapid Rifle again. I'll get into that in the upcoming Player Phase.

Batta #6 is kind enough to finally hit Akito with the Laser Cannon, showing that all damage is negated due to its low power output, and thus Akito comes out of it unharmed.

Player Phase! Let's go over what I said I would go over.

On every stage, most pilots start with 100 will. Pilots gain will through a variety of actions. Hitting an enemy, evading attacks, defeating enemies, etc. How will works is that one point of will counts as one point in melee, ranged, and defense. Meaning at the max cap, 150 will, Akito has +50 points in those stats. This also works in reverse, as at the minimum cap, 50 will, it will subtract 50 points from those stats.

That sword and gun means Akito can use Sword Cut and Shoot Down, Skill based abilities. Shoot Down is a chance to negate missile based projectiles, while Sword Cut is both that and melee attacks.

Akito has a special bonus as well. Due to having IFS - Image Feedback System - Akito will gain +2 to every stat at every +10 will. This is very useful as you may imagine. Too bad Akito almost never reaches my final team in this.

Akito's hurting a bit, so let's use a Spirit Command.

Spirit Commands are skills that can help in battle. They can help a unit deal more damage, have an easier time surviving, screw over the enemy, etc. They're a major mechanic in SRW.

Focus here gives bonus accuracy and evasion. It gives +30% to both evasion and accuracy.

Look at them having a much harder time to hit Akito.

Anyways, let's look at the Immediate Knife.

Enemy phase!

: Oh, my beloved Gekiganger... I knew it, the cook can't fight!

: Keep your leg still, doofus!

: He's doing the best he can. What do you think, Calvina?

: He seems to be doing fine. For a decoy, anyway...

: Dock pressurization secured. Opening subterranean gate.

: Engines working fine.

: Nadesico, take off!

: Nadesico, taking off!

Akito is continuing his valiant fight, though he's really hurting.

This fucker.

This fucker used a Repair Kit, fully healing himself.

There's an EN variant called Propellant Tank, and both are 1 use. Then they're gone forever.

I'm peeved. This is a stupid choice, but I am peeved. Akito's gonna use the Gekigan Flare.

This nets Akito a level.

: Great! It's just like the Gekigan Punch! As long as I have that, I can do this!

Akito takes down the final Batta.

: 2nd enemy wave, incoming.
Well shit.

8 Battas spawn right outside the city.

: Enemy reinforcements?! Dammit, nobody told me anything about that!

: I wonder if he'll be all right...
At his current state? I doubt it.

: We can't help it. He's piloting that unit just fine, and he's a cook on top of that. A little mean, sure, but we have to ask him to continue fighting.

: Go, cook! Send 'em flying with the Gekigan Flare!

: I wonder, though. He might be better than the real pilot.

: Akito, do your best! For my sake!

: Unidentified heat-sources approaching at high speed.

: It's about time they arrived.

: Oh? Are they someone you know?

: Yes. They're reinforcements from the Outer Space Development Group and the Nanbara Connection.

: The Nanbara Connection?! Hooooly cow, don't tell me they sent their Ultimate 5-Part Combination Robo?!

: Yes, that's the one.

: Whoooaa, for real?! This is TOO COOL. Still, that damn cook is really getting the juicy part of this deal... Lemme head out there, too!

: Be quiet, Mr. Yamada.

: Let's hurry to the 3rd gate, everyone!

Combattler V has arrived!

: What the-? What are the Jovian Lizards doing here?!

: Any sign of the Federation, Hyouma?

: You gotta be kidding me. We've just arrived and there's already a battle going on? I don't remember signing up for this crap...

: Yeah, this is unexpected.

The Blue Earth also spawns in.

: Aki, shouldn't Nergal's docks be around here?

: There's no mistake. We're in the right place. Looks like the enemy's attacking the dock...

: Damn! If things get too crazy, we're bailing. That Nadesico warship we were gonna board was probably destroyed, anyway.

: Noal, this is a mission. Stop being so pessimistic.

: My motto is "always prepare for the worst." Hey, you guys! What're you doing here?

: Same as you! Combattler was developed to fight invaders from outer space. There's no way we're just gonna watch the Jovian Lizards trash the place! If you get the picture, then let's go!

: Oooh! They think they're hot stuff, do they? So, Aki? Should we just leave matters to the boys and girls here and-

: Noal.

: All right, fine. We'll assist. I'm REALLY not looking forward to the verbal beating the Chief's gonna give us, though!

: What are you guys?! You aren't... Jovian Lizards, right?

: Look over there, everyone. That's a mobile weapon developed by Nergal: the Aestivalis. Yes, there's no question... The data indicates it's affiliated with the Nadesico.

: It's the Nadesico's, huh? Hey, you're right, Kousuke!

: Fair enough. Aki, open a channel to that Aesti... whatever it is.

: Roger.

: Hey, Nergal guy! Can you hear us? This is the Blue Earth of the Outer Space Development Group. You all right? How are your friends?

: What? Who the hell are you guys?!

: We're here to assist the Nadesico.

: Same here. Are you a crew member? Tell us what happened!

: You're allies, then? The Nadesico is all right... I think. I decided to remain out here in order to buy them time to escape. If you're friendlies, then please, help me!

: Whaddaya mean, "remained"?

: Talk about brave and miserable. Guess he's a pilot from the Nadesico...

: I'm the cook!

: You're the COOK?! What the hell're you doing out here, then?!

: Noal, now isn't the time to discuss this.

: Hey, it's fine. Just leave 'em to us!

: I'm saved...

Two battas decide to go for Akito...

While one decided it's a genius idea to attack Combattler.

Have some Super Electromagnetic Yo-Yo's.

Due to being a 5-pilot unit, Combattler's main strength is having 5 spirit pools to draw from.

Let's show off the V Laser, for the sake of showing off attacks.

Meanwhile the Battas on the other side go for the Blue Earth, whose only attack is its Laser Cannon.

I'm not joking.

Let's take a look.

Player Phase! Let's look at Combattler and the Blue Earth!

Combattler is a typical 5 man super robot. Good armor, a lot of HP, can't dodge at all. We need to fix that movement though, as it is SLOW.

As you can see, Hyouma doesn't have as much SP as Akito does. Multi-pilot units tend to have less SP to work with, with the main pilot having the most, on account that they have 5 separate spirit pools to work with. These spirit pools are the multi-pilot super robot's main strength.

The Blue Earth, on the other hand, is a support unit, with a surprising amount of survivability behind it. It can repair other units to heal them, or fully replenish them at a penalty of -10 will. Repairing is post movement. It has a Barrier S as well, meaning it reduces all damage by 800.

I have Aki pop an Accel, as with Akito hurting, he needs to be healed FAST.

Repairing or resupplying grants experience. Simple as that.

Let's look at Dick Miss- I mean, Big Blast.

Enemy phase! There's really not much going on early-game, so the phases go by quickly.

Despite Akito being weakened, the two Battas that went for Akito is now going for the Blue Earth. Why? Because SRW J's enemy AI is not that well programmed. It's basically:

"Can I hit this y/n"

The higher chance they have at hitting a unit, the more likely they will target that unit.

Noal shoots it in the face in return.

This one think it's clever and tries to snipe Noal. Too bad defending will negate the damage.

Combattler continues tanking and wrecking.

Shit, this batta is on the city. That means it will get several bonuses. Once again, will go over this when player phase.

Which is now, by the way.

Various terrains will provide bonuses, usually defense and evasion. Sometimes they give HP and EN regeneration. The regen is when you're over the tile, while the defense and evasion requires you to land.

I have Akito Gekigan Flare this one to avoid future annoyances.

Combattler is kind of hurting...

Nothing a spirit command can't fix!

Let's look at Combattler's Twin Lancer!

Enemy phase! Only one unit left and it attacks Combattler. I hold back because I want to get in range to show Combattler's finisher.

Oh look, player phase, who would have guessed.

Now let's look at the Choudenji Spin!

He had no chance of survival.

Oh look, even more is spawning in.

: More reinforcements?! Dammit!

: Enough with the attitude, kid! ...Damn, they're not letting up. Hey, how much time do we need to buy!

: A couple more minutes, still...


: Sorry for the wait, Akito!

: Sorry for the wait? B-But it isn't even time yet!

: Yes! I hurried for your sake!

: Enemy weapons are within firing range.

: Blow them to bits! Target all enemies! Gravity Blast, FIRE!

All the enemies are destroyed

: Unbelievable...

: Whoa! That was crazy!

: That's the Nadesico, huh?
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:36 pm


: Enemy mobile units: zero. The UEFA forces and dock suffered serious damage, but no harm came to our allied units or the Lunar City.

: Nothing serious, it sounds like.

: Well, isn't that lovely? Nice one, Captain!

: Indeed. Well done.

: Impressive. Personnel from Blue Earth and Combattler, you have my thanks. We're glad to have your cooperation. Captain, tell them th-

: That was wonderful, Akitooo! You were great! So incredibly, wonderfully greaaat!

: Er, Captain?

: D-Don't misunderstand me! It's not like I came here just to help! I merely wanted to see you and-

: Huh?! You wanted to see me?!

: Well, not originally! It's just that I saw this picture and-

: You came all this way to return it? Enough, Akito... I'm already in tears!

: Will you stop interrupting me?! I just wanted to-

: Confess? Become my steadfast companion? Or maybe even... marry me?!

: No!

: What the hell's going on over there?

: Hey, what about us?! Did you ever stop to consider that we might be tired from the battle? Hurry up and give us the order to land!

: Seems the Captain's busy right now. Think I should give them permission?

: Perhaps.

: Opening the hatch.

: Everybody, can you hear me? Crew members, clear the deck for landing!

: Man, how long were you gonna keep us out there?! We go through all that trouble to get Combattler to the moon, and not only do we have to save your butts, but we only get thanks from that short, mustachioed geezer over there!

: Watch it, Hyouma!

: Enough of this crap, you guys. I don't want to be seen together with you any more than I have to, okay? Cut it out. And don't you go judging all of us by this moron, either!

: Why the heck're you always getting on my case, Juuzou?!

: Hey, that's enough bickering, you two!

: I'm beginning to have second thoughts, here. Do we really have to work with these kids, Aki? Is it too late to reconsider?

: M-Maybe... That's not the point. We can't turn back, Noal. Did you forget our mission?

: Roger that. Man, why do I get the feeling we're gonna be stuck in this mess 'til the end?

: Um, we can hear you...

: Whoops! Sorry 'bout that. It was a joke. A joke! Hey, don't give me that look! Let's land this thing, Aki.

: But I...!

: Yes, yes! Akito, I understand exactly how you feel! You love me so much! With all your heart! Foreverrrrr!

: Oh, and gimme back my Gekiganger!

: Will you LISTEN TO ME?!

: I fear for our future.

: Really? I bet it's going to be pretty interesting!

: Whatever...

: Idiots...

: Let's begin.

: To be frank, our current situation is... delicate. As for the matter at hand, the Atlantic Federation is always ready to act at a moment's notice. Of course, that means they're going to behave as if they were acting for the entire Federation, but...

: My, what troublesome people. Those idealists striving "for the preservation of our blue and pure world" are merely jealous about their lot as incomplete humans. It almost calls to mind the discrimination of centuries ago.

: But we can't disregard their acts. Even for an extremist organization, they have roots in the top ranks of the military, government and economic sectors of each and every nation. If they re-focus their actions against PLANT, then...

: Enough speculation. I don't even want to think about that possibility right now. It's been half a year since the first battle on Mars. Soon, Project Schiaparelli will bear its fruit. Our priority right now is launching our fully independent investigation team to Mars. It's be even better if we pulled out before everything starts, actually.

: The Jovian Lizard attack was outside our predictions, unfortunately. Now that the Federation has seen its power, I doubt they're going to ignore the ship.

They'll be able to fulfil our expectations, regardless. They may have character problems, but each crew member is the best in their field. Hmm. For now, let's just sit back and wait to see how things develop, shall we?

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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

Post by grashbar on Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:23 pm

Say hello to the Intermission Menu. This is where you upgrade units, improve pilot stats, add parts, etc.

But we are doing this first.

Puzzle Robo is pretty much what it sounds like. A puzzle game inside SRW J. Every unit has set accuracy at 100% unless a spirit command is involved. It gets pretty convoluted, but it starts out easy enough.

For this one, you move Sayaka here...

And defend.

This lets Sayaka survive, thanks to the superior defense bonus of the mountain.


Now let's go over pilot training. With every level a pilot gains, they get a bonus stat they can assign to any stat they wish.

You may see that Akito's name, and unit, is in red. This means that Akito is a forced deployment in the next stage.

I tend to give real type pilots a small boost in skill (ability) before dumping it in the highest stat of their priority (In Akito's case, melee, as his finisher is melee based)...

...While super type pilots get a boost in accuracy, before I do the attack stat pumping.

Transfer actually means Pilot Switching. This means that you can switch around pilots within their respective series (A lot of them are unit locked though)

First thing I do is assign Ruri as the main "captain" of the Nadesico.

Yurika has higher base stats, but Ruri has IFS, meaning once she gets going, her stats end up higher than Yurika's stats.

This is good because

let me tell you about the motherfucking Nadesico

This very battleship is one of the game breakers in this game, and you get it right off from the start.

It has 1-5 range post-movement missiles with plenty of ammo, along with its finisher, the Gravity Blast, which is EN based (40 for single target, 60 for MAP).

"Oh, isn't that a little expensive considering 280 EN?" Let me tell you why you are wrong.

See that

See that EN Regeneration S

That means it recovers 10% EN every turn. Which means at base it regains 28 EN every turn.

It also has Distortion Field, which means it can tank for days and still not run out of EN thanks to that EN regen.

The Nadesico is also a 5-man battleship, meaning it can throw out plenty of spirits to assist itself with.

Yurika's very first spirit is Daunt, a tremendously helpful spirit which lowers the enemy target's will by 10. Of course this is expensive now, but by the end of the game, bosses will barely have any will to fight us.

First things first, I give both the Nadesico and Combattler a notch in armor and energy, while the Blue Earth gets a single notch in armor. I would have gone for mobility, but with support defends in mind (and lack of funding) Armor was the better choice for me.

I should probably explain the upgrade system screen. The max upgrades a unit can have is 10 notches in each stat (HP, EN, Mobility and Armor). This, in effect, Increases HP, Armor and Mobility by 1.5 times, and doubles EN. Upgrading a unit costs money though, and we don't want to waste that too much.

You can also upgrade weapons, but they're a lot more expensive to upgrade than unit stats. I usually don't bother too much with it.

Parts are equippable items that can improve a unit statistically or support them when needed. All we have now is a Propellant Tank and a Cartridge, a full EN and Ammo heal respectively, but gone forever once used. I usually never bother too much with them.

And with that, I'd say we're done for now. Time for...

Pre-stage dialogue:

: build it, and now they say they want to use it for private purposes. And under our circumstances? What a joke!

: Ha! I couldn't agree more. Still, it looks like the captain is Misumaru's daughter. We're confident he'll be able to reason with her.

: It all looks like maneuvering from those Nergal people. Our Federation cannot allow them to have their way without losing its dignity in the process. The Committee has therefore agreed to take drastic measures. Yes... The Nadesico will be ours soon enough.

: a place for jokes, and this isn't it! We saw their battle on the lunar surface, and we can't disregard their effectiveness. What do you have to say about this, Adm. Misumaru? If I remember correctly, the Captain of the Nadesico is your daughter.

: Ah, er... What are you trying to suggest, General Colbert?

: That ship is stronger than the ones available to our military. Rather than have it fight the Jovian Lizards, we'll use it to intimidate PLANT. That's the final decision of Joint Operations HQ. Admiral, you are hereby ordered to capture the Nadesico by any means necessary, at the cost of your life if need be. Don't let me down!

: ......

: Why do THEY get to recover the plate?!

>The UEFA Soldiers scram

: So that's the Plate?

: But... it isn't a B-Plate.

: That may be, but we have to recover all Plates, no matter what kind they are. Right?

: Well, you're certainly diligent. Are you happy about all this, Kanan?

: I'm pleased with this Antibody, and to be the pilot of a Grand Cher. Besides, don't your lead the Reclaimers, Yuu? What reason do you have to complain?

: That's n-

>The ground quakes

: Another earthquake?

: Yuu, we've received a new Plate reaction! I'll ask Quincy Issa for further instructions.

: "Collect each and every Plate!" is what she said, right? Let's hurry! If we enter combat with either the UEFA or the Jovian Lizards, we're in trouble.

Get ready to experience your brain on Tomino

: Eeeeek!

: Hime, you okay?!

: W-What was that? A Plate...?

: Hime, isn't that the kinda plate that can Revive, like the guy on TV said?

: "Revive," huh? I guess that Plate can give birth to Antibodies, then...

: Did one of those Grand Cher things come out?!

: ...It seems a little different than the rest.

>Hime approaches it

: Hime, watch out!

: Be careful!

: It's all right. I'm not getting any bad vibes from this one. His eyes are so gentle... And he was just born, so I'm sure he must be a little confused, too. Isn't that right?

If you wondered if the girl had gone nuts, the "mechs" of Brain Powerd are living things.

: Can I enter you through here...?

>Hime boards the just born Antibody

: All right, here we are... So, what are you going to do now? What do you WANT to do? You're only a few minutes old, but you must have something in mind, right? Can you stand? Here, let me teach you!

: ......

: Huh... Is there something wrong?

Kanan and Yuu spawn

: The plate should be nearby... We sure had to come a long way for this.

: Yuu, look!

: No way... The Plate revived THAT soon?! Kanan, that isn't a Grand Cher!

: A Brain Powerd... It looks like it's being adjusted by someone.

The Brain moves away from the two Grand Chers.

: Another Antibody? What's the matter? Shhhh... Calm down. There, there. Are those your friends?

: It's moving?! Tch... We have our mandate. All Brain Powerds must be destroyed upon Revival! Kanan!

>The Brain moves further away

: Hey, you! Over there! You shouldn't be riding that thing!

: Get out of there! It's dangerous!

: Why?! Aren't your Grand Chers Antibodies just like him?!

: Brain Powerds are not to be used! If you won't abandon it, I'll have to destroy it!

: H-Hold on, Yuu!

>Yuu attacks Hime!

: That Brain Powerd... I can't believe how strong it is!

: Oh, wow! You were incredible, Brain!

: ...D-Damn you!

: My name isn't "damn you"! It's Hime Utsumiya! This little guy was just born. He was ready to try flying! Why did you come out of nowhere and attack him?!

: The Grand Chers enforce the will of Orphan!

: Get a grip! Isn't Orphan some kind of ruin that's causing earthquakes around the world?!

: Orphan's ways aren't for you to understand!

: What kind of attitude is THAT?! According to the news, all you Reclaimers do is obsessively fly around the world collecting the Plates it launches! Why?!

: Tch!

: Yuu, we're out of time. Let's head back! A battalion from the UEFA is on its way. If we engage them, the Jovian Lizards will probably show up, too.

: Hmph...

The two of them warp out.

: He disappeared? He must be around my age, but he pilots a Grand Cher and works for the Reclaimers... Just who WAS that boy?

Let's take the focus back on the moon, to our gang.

: a decoy for our launch, so, ah... We're not going to reprimand you. We aren't soldiers, after all.

: Thank you.

: In exchange, we want you to act as our reserve pilot. It pays better than being a cook!

: Aren't you gonna yell at him or something?! He took my place and launched on his own!

: Weren't you the one who gave himself a broken leg?

: Uh, well... He doesn't give the Captain the respect her rank deserves, either!

: They're acquaintances. If we were the army we may have been unable to overlook that, but we're not, so we won't. Let's not sweat the small stuff, okay? Akito Tenkawa, what kind of combat experience do you have?

: That was my first time, actually...

: You have good instincts. I'd say you just signed yourself up for a lecture on Jovian Lizard mobile weapons and tactics. Meet me on the bridge later.

: Wait, wh-?

: Why? Because that's my job. I don't need another reason.

: B-But I'm a cook... That's all I signed up for!

: Well, it's not like I don't understand how you feel, but...

: Man, what the hell's up with him?

: Outer Space Development Group personnel! Nanbara Connection Personnel! Welcome to the Nadesico!

: The pleasure's ours. Thanks for bearing with us.

: New arrivals are entering the hangar. Please be careful.

: Whoooa! Is that the legendary Steel Fortress, Mazinger Z?!

: Aphrodite A's here, too!

: Looks like Kouji and the others are coming along for the ride, too.

>Screen goes back for a moment

: Well, you were certainly expedient. I never imagined you would get here so quickly.

: We rushed things, so bear with us. Hey, the Nanbara Connection's here, too?

: What, are you guys coming along for the ride? Don't tell me Prof. Yumi took Nergal's contract hook, line and sinker?

: Not quite. Dad was ready to decline, but Kouji and I told him we wanted to go.

: Um, why are you guys still in the hangar?

: Well, we just came aboard, so it's not like we know left from right...

: I see, I see! In that case, I'll have someone show you to your rooms.

: Please do. And er... Who are you?

: I'm Capt. Yurika Misumaru! Hello, everybody! Welcome to the Nadesico!

: Captain?! Weren't you the one who was... wait a sec...

: I don't believe it...

: What's everyone standing around slack-jawed for?

: ......

: We finally reunite after all these years, and now you seem to hate me... What happened on Mars? Why are you so angry?

: If you really want to know, then I'll tell you. My parents... were murdered! They died the same day your family left Mars, just as I was watching you leave.

: Huh...? No way, Dad didn't say anything about that!

: I want to learn the trutn. Someone killed my parents for a reason. But... there's a chance I may be killed before I can learn the truth.

: Akito, I don't believe it... This dark and serious air of yours... ...It's too cool!

: Huh?

: Captain! Captain, where are you?

: Hmmm?!

: Geez, stop leaving your post so often! Something's about to be announced. Please return to the bridge.

: True. The Blue Earth isn't a fighter craft, either.

: Then... what are they doing here?

: That's a reasonable question. Ms. Hoshino, please activate the ship's internal broadcasting system, please.

: As you wish.

: Er, hello, everyone! Due to the pressure of the army's investigations, I'm afraid we're unable to divulge serious details on the Nadesico's objective for now. Rest assured, Nergal built this peculiar warship for precise purposes, and a very particular reason. From this moment on, this ship will pursue the goals of Project Schiaparelli, with no ties whatsoever to the military.

: Our goal, of course... is Mars.

: Mars?!

: Nergal was planning another one of their outrageous stunts, huh?

: Yurika, did you know about this?!

: Of course! I AM the Captain, after all! *giggle*

: (Mars... So, I'm going to Mars again...?)

: Doesn't that mean Nergal is ignoring the current problems on Earth, though?

: Several colonists were sent to Mars - the same people who were abandoned by the Federation when they decided to focus on protecting the Earth Sphere. PLANT, the Anti-Federation Nations and even Orb are staying silent about the Mars situation. At this rate, the people of Mars are going to-

: They're all dead, aren't they?

: We don't know, but we have every intention of finding out.

: I'm sure they must be alive! There's no way they'd just... up and die like that!

: Is that why you guys are here, then?

: Well, sorta... We're here to kick some Jovian Lizard butt, either way!

: Yeah, and we aren't about to abandon the people on Mars, either!

: The "Cosmic Culture Club" was a Federation-backed cultural exchange program for children. The OSDG sponsored a trip to Mars for several members of the program before everything fell apart. As such, we're tagging along to find out if they survived and report the results to their families.

: And if the brats ARE still alive, we're duty-bound to bring 'em back. That's the reason our Chief agreed immediately when he got word from Nergal. We were the ones sent for the job, but I never thought we would be on a ship quite like this!

: Comrades who march to a gruelling battle for the sake of Mars! Ooh, my blood is burning! Can you feel it?! Can you feel the blaze of justice burning in my SOUL?!

: ...Idiot.

: Well, that's it for introductions. After we finish the final departure procedures, we'll set course for Mars. I'm counting on each and every one of you!

: In that case... Please continue with the departure procedures, Captain.

: Understood!

Screen transition effect. Imagine it spinning fast around clockwise.

: Captain.

: Maybe... Maybe he doesn't want to see me because he's gotta show respect to me as the ship's Captain! Yeah, that must be it!

: Captain... Captain!

: Yes?

: A UEFA fleet is approaching.

: Just leave them be, Ruri. I'm in the middle of a br-

: Even if they're surrounding the Nadesico?

: Huh? They're surrounding us? Why?

: Captain, incoming transmission from a Federation ship. I'm putting it onscreen.

: This is the Admiral of the 3rd Federation Space Fleet, Adm. Misumaru. Ooooh! You seem to be doing great, Yurika!

: What is it, Father?

: Command has decreed the Nadesico be put under military command. This is an order. Please forgive me... Your dear old dad is just as upset as you are.

: Well, that's strange... I was sure we finished negotiating the whole deal with the UEFA, didn't we? The Nadesico is Nergal's private property, and is to be used as we see fit.

: To be perfectly honest, the army desperately needs a weapon to both fight the Jovian Lizards and suppress PLANT's arbitrary actions. Please surrender the ship at once. Resistance is meaningless and will be met with force. ...Or at least, that's what they wanted me to say. Come on, Yurika! Just listen to your dad like the wonderful girl that you are!

: Yurika... The Admiral's right. They're totally ignoring the situation on Earth by sending this warship out to Mars.

: We're not soldiers. We have no obligation to comply.

: Mr. Fukube... Do you intend to continue living in shame forever?

: ......

: So, Yurika... Please hand over the ship, okay?

: Understood... But before that, I have one thing to ask you, Father.

: Stop, Captain! That's a contract violation. The Nadesico is exclusive property of Nergal! To consent to its restraint and capture is-

: Oh, you're going to hand it over? Thank goodness... Ask away, my dear!

: It's about the Tenkawa family... They were our neighbours on Mars.

>Screen transitions

: The Tenkawas are dead? This must be some kind of mistake. I would have caught word of the incident by now if-

: Please, tell me the truth!

: Hmm... I may have heard a thing or two about this. Telling you was only going to make you cry, however, so I, er...

: I understand, Father.

: Oh, you do? Well, in that case, I'll be right over to grab the master key, and-

: Minato, raise the engines' output to full! Ruri, activate the Distortion Field!

: Y-Yurika?!

: I don't care if we get a little beat up! Force our way through the Federation fleet's formation!

: Wait, what are you doing, Yurika?!

: Ah, the Captain's an extreme girl, I see... The engines are ready!

: Distortion Field activated. Breaking through the enemy's formation!

: Wow, little Ruri! Did you just crack a smile?

: Not really, no...
She totally did

: All personnel, take anti-shock positions! Full speed ahead!

: Yurika, wait! Yurika!

: I'm a Captain. I can't just abandon my ship at the first sign of trouble! That's what you taught me, Father!


: Another outrageous stunt from the Captain, I guess...

: Seriously? How incredibly reckless! What the hell's rattling around inside our Captain's head, anyway?

: Whoa, that's some burning passion right there! Yeah, definitely... That's the way things should be DONE!

: We can't turn back now. The army is going to use force next time, and they're probably going to come at us with everything they've got.

: That'll be our cue, then!

: Doesn't seem like we've got much of a choice, that's for sure.

: Still... are we really going to make the UEFA our enemies?

: Our alternative was to hand over the ship. Not exactly an acceptable choice.

: I just want to help Mars. The military only thinks about the Earth. That's why I have to-

: There you are, cook! Whooooaa, can you feel that?! Our blood burns! ...For JUSTICE!

: Federation warship, Crocus. It is also deploying Jovian mobile weapons.

: Blast... They're going to breach our perimeter, Captain.

: Okay, then! All personnel, assume battle positions! Once we take care of the Jovian Lizards, we'll be free to go to Mars!

Next time: We meet the Powerpuff Girls and get our ride.
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Re: Watch Grash start a third run while still not having completed the other two!

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