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Personal/Important Notice Thread

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Personal/Important Notice Thread Empty Personal/Important Notice Thread

Post by Archer Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:05 pm

Obviously for notices if you're going somewhere/got something important to do that'll occupy you away from our company for significant periods of time.
I'm actually surprised we've gone years without making one of these. Normally with a forums you'd assume this is a really safe idea to have. Better late than never I suppose.

So I'm making this thread because as some of you know, I took an overseas teaching position, where I'll be teaching elementary school children in Korea English. I'm leaving for my flight the 25th of this month. KST is 13 hours ahead of EST, so use that how you will.  My contract is set for six months. I won't be starting until August 1st, meaning my job isn't over until the end of February. After that I have plans to stay for another two months to catch up with relatives and just learn to live by myself a little longer, which should give me a lot more freedom.

My contract requires that I work for 15 hours a week, so that's 3 per weekday. Though this isn't guaranteed. Depending on the school/system, I may be assigned two or four for a different amount of days. In any case I have to fulfill 60 hours a month. That said I don't know how much free time I'll have either. Events are organized for those in teaching position to travel around the country, and it's vital for people that have a job to be sociable (dun dun dun) or they could leave unfortunate impressions.

As for internet, again, that's not told to me so nothing is guaranteed. At most I'm going to toss a guess and assume it's relative to where you're assigned. I'm given basic provisions but said provisions don't cover water, electricity, and internet. Furthermore I'm not given my first paycheck until the end of the first month when my initial 60 hours are complete, so unless I'm fortunate enough to run into someone who's done this in the same area before, I won't be able to get a hold of how much it'll cost to contact you guys. Basically I'm unlikely to make contact with you guys for the next month (I'll be dying of anxiety not knowing what you're all up to, really.) Should I give off a bad impression or do something to upset my bosses, then I'll be fired and deported in the first two months. Which obviously I'm going to absolutely make sure does not happen.

Now to get a little dark here. More than securing the job itself I'm worried about something more. It isn't flat out killing millions or anything, and in fact I don't even think the death toll has reached over what, 4? But IIRC some dozen or so people have been hospitalized over it. Korea currently has a bit of MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) Virus spreading around, and it's caught attention. I'd actually be willing to bet it's been sensationalized a lot like Mad Cow Disease back a few years (which also happened to strongly relate to Korea) or Ebola since the media does thrive off that attention. In any case if I don't make any signs of contact in the first three months, just assume I'm dead (~drama queen overtone~)

I'm too stubborn to die so I'll be fine really.

If I'm gonna post anywhere I want it to be quick so it doesn't take up too much of my internet time, so I'll most likely be active on Twitter/Tumblr. Skype is not all that likely, certainly not extensive periods I'd wager. Thankfully the time difference helps resist addiction, I think.

Anyway that's it, when I'm gone, I'll see you guys in who knows when realistically.
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Personal/Important Notice Thread Empty Re: Personal/Important Notice Thread

Post by Zink120 Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:41 am

Holy shit that sounds awesome! Have an amazing time, man.
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