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Post by Archer Tue Nov 30, 2021 12:46 pm

[9:30 PM] Alps: was watching some p5 stuff in japanese and i thought joker's voice sounded incredibly... particular. i thought "there's no way it's not him", googled it, and it is indeed lelouch's voice actor lol
[9:30 PM] Alps: which is a pretty inspired choice really
[9:31 PM] Vatonnage: hey did you know glados offers you cake in portal but it's actually a lie
[9:32 PM] Alps: crazy if true
[9:33 PM] Vatonnage: i just felt like that had the same energy
[9:33 PM] Alps: lmao
[9:33 PM] Alps: i've had thoughts of it before but i never really bothered to confirm it outright
[9:34 PM] Alps: in any case the thing i want to bring attention to moreso is just how fitting it is to get lelouch's voice actor to play joker
[9:34 PM] Alps: but there's this weird association in my head whenever i hear the voice for him now lmao
[9:36 PM] Alps: i like all the fun subtleties you get from lelouch's voice being joker's. not even from the angle of "he sounds very commanding", or "it emphasizes his sense of rebellious justice", but also even down to things like "i feel like he's being chuuni without knowing it like lelouch which fits the character on such a meta level"
[9:36 PM] Vatonnage: wait until you read VNs
[9:37 PM] Alps: haha
[9:39 PM] Vatonnage: my man fukujun has went from machiavellian roles one after another but everything changed for me when he became a sword swinging robot maniac that became addicted to bdsm
[9:40 PM] Alps: lmfao what the fuck
[9:42 PM] Vatonnage: he's just never been the same
[9:42 PM] Vatonnage: this is also why i headcanon all fukujun characters as closet hard Ms
[9:43 PM] Alps: oh my fucking god please
[9:46 PM] Vatonnage: ever wonder why joker's the only one with attendants that are little girls but also wardens
[9:47 PM] Alps: he's just a prisoner of his own fa-
[9:47 PM] Alps: ...
[9:47 PM] Alps: fuck you
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